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Testimonial #16

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to say thanks for the great job on my Terrano. The price came in well under the quote (which was a nice suprise in itself), and becasue we’d chosen the cheaper route I expected there’d be an obvious difference in the areas that you worked on compared to the rest of the paint, but there’s not, it looks great.
I’ll definetly be coming back if I need to!
Have a great Christmas.

“We are the approved repairer for all insurance companies”
Should you be involved in an unfortunate accident, simply contact your claims officer to find out further information on the professional service and quality of workmanship that CBD Panel & Paint prides itself on!”
Look forward to hearing from you,
Tyrone Hale
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Hi Tyrone,
I’m so sorry that this email is so late, I was having a tidy up and found
your business card and had a horror moment realising I hadn’t ever emailed
to say thanks.
If you remember, our Audi came to you after being in an accident and while it wasn’t repairable the service we received from you and your company was 1st class. We had a very special item of ours that was lost within the car and we’re so happy that you managed to retrieve that. Above and beyond service and my wife is so happy to have her special bracelet back. Thanks again for doing this – it sucked loosing that car, but you saved the day by getting that out – I know it was quite a task.
Anyway thanks again, if we’re ever unfortunate to need accident repairs (and the rest) I’ll be sure to give you a call.
All the best.

Hi Tyrone,
Thanks for your time yesterday afternoon.
Thanks for your advice. It was very empowering which is rare when you have little experience in an area.
Kind regards