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Testimonial #16

Hi Tyrone,
I appreciate your efforts so far and it looks like you guys are doing a great job! I would rather you did it right first time and there’s no huge rush so do what you need to do. Thanks Tyrone.

Thanks Tyrone,
You guys don’t hang around. Impressive!!

Hi Tyrone,
Just wanted to say a big “Thanks” to you and your team for getting my car fixed and back on the road.
I was really impressed with your personal service all the way through, fantastic! I can see you’re a man who obviously loves what he does, takes responsibility for the business, and treats people like “people”, rather than “just another customer” A real example of what a “service industry” should be, so thanks for making it a pleasant experience. I appreciated the courtesy car too.
Hopefully I won’t need to be seeing you again (that is I’m not planning on pranging my car) but in the event of it happening I wouldn’t hesitate to send it to you guys again to do the work.
Thanks again, and kind regards
Steve Hooper
PS: You’re right – I should have got you guys to paint the back bumper as well and it would all look mint. Never mind – I have the paint, I just need to get around to doing it myself.

Hi Tyrone
My car is running perfectly – thank you for a great job.
I also really appreciated the loan car while you were fixing mine, and also that my car was delivered back all lovely and clean!!
I have to say I’m very impressed with the level of service you provide at CBD, it is excellent and very customer-focused.
Michelle Blythen